I recently downloaded U2’s album, “No Line on the Horizon” and have been listening to it. One of my very favorite songs is “Magnificent.”

“… only love unites our hearts, justified until we die, you and I will magnify, the magnificent.”

And I started thinking about how when any two (or more) people get together, they magnify something. It’s not always magnificence, but it’s something.

Sometimes we are lucky enough to be with someone who inspires us and fills us with love. Other times we walk away from the encounter drained and depressed.

And it’s not always about the person we are with. Sometimes it’s about us. How do we add to our everyday encounters? How many people walk away from us feeling better? How many people are drained by our presence?

Do we talk about hate?
Do we judge?
Do we condemn?
Do we lie?
Do we wish someone dead?

Do we inspire?
Do we nurture?
Do we midwife someone’s creativity?
Do we live with integrity?
Do we love?

Do we magnify the magnificent?
Do we magnify fear and hate?

We magnify. We always do when we are with someone else.

“This foolishness can leave a heart black and blue…”

It’s up to us to decide…


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