Sun Orbs

The week before Christmas can be intense. With holiday planning, wrapping up the last of the gifts, baking, shopping, and the over-excitement of my children, I found myself seeming to race at the speed of light toward my favorite holiday of the year.

WAM!!! It was Christmas Eve! BAM!!! It was Christmas morn. Wrapping paper littered the living room, my husband was in the kitchen cooking, and I sat scratching my head, wondering if I was in some sort of parallel universe where Christmas came a week earlier than in our dimension.

Now the holiday bustle is over. And with the space to breathe, I think about the Winter Solstice that seemed to sneak by, the upcoming full moon (that’s also a Blue Moon) and our New Year’s celebrations, which are much more low key than Christmas.

I love this week. Just before New Year’s I can feel the possibilities. With a whole year ahead, I know that I have the potential to accomplish anything, do anything, be anything. And I can still listen to Christmas music without people thinking I’m totally crazy!

The days are growing longer. Inspiration fills my heart. The Light has returned.


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