I was first introduced to “A Knock at the Door” through the works of the Duirwaigh Gallery; it was a simple video slideshow that circulated the internet featuring striking fantasy style artwork and inspiring, poetic musings, set to beautiful and relaxing Celtic style music.

Duirwaigh: The door on the human heart which, when opened, causes one to remember one’s magical origins.

A Knock at the Door gift book and DVD

The magic of the video is now contained in a beautiful gift book, “A Knock at the Door,” by Angi Sullins and Silas Toball. This charming little book contains the magical musings and lovely artwork featured in the video “A Knock at the Door,” which is also included on DVD.

I have really enjoyed reading this book – over and over and over again. With its thick, glossy pages and bright and beautiful images, it never ceases to inspire me. I read the lyrical and flowing words of inspiration and I can feel the door to my own heart opening to possibilities.

“When was the last time you… had a conversation with the moon? Or made a wish on a falling star? Held hope from a string of delicate things?” From the book.

I have also greatly enjoyed watching the DVD on my television, as it gave me the opportunity to really appreciate the images and music.

A Knock at the Door 2010 Calendar

Most of us know the importance of a calendar; we run our lives by them. But most people don’t understand the inspirational power of the right calendar! It pains me when I visit someone’s home or office and see a cheap, advertising centered calendar, hanging on their wall! I cannot even stress how important it is to have a good, inspirational calendar. A calendar is something that most of us look at every day, and for many people it’s the only source of inspiration they receive during the day.

I recently had the good fortune to receive the 2010 wall calendar, A Knock at the Door, which is inspired by the video.

The calendar, which includes 13 images from “A Knock at the Door,” contains beautiful inspirations not found in the book or DVD.

“When was the last time you listened to a song from a distant muse? Inspiration often disguises itself as a whistle, a hum or a nameless tune. Like a melody carried on the wind, the muse sings of hopes and dreams and impossible things. If you still your mind and open your heart, you’ll hear her distant call and it will set your soul to dancing.” May – 2010.

This calendar features all the traditional holidays, along with holidays from different spiritual paths, the moon phases, Mercury Retrogrades (which I greatly appreciate!) and eclipse information, all given in Eastern Standard time.

In a world where darkness and heaviness can sometimes overwhelm us, I believe that it’s very important to fill our lives with as much light as possible. The magic of A Knock at the Door can now be there for us each day, reminding us that the magic we seek already lives within our hearts.

“…when inspiration knocks open the door!”


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