Once there was a beautiful, bright, Star, that shone in the heavens; brilliant, luminous and glowing. One day this Star split into billions and billions of tinier stars. This was so that instead of one dream, the star could have billions and billions of dreams.

Inside each and every one of us is a piece of that One Star. Bright and glowing, it waits to be recognized so that it may become a beacon to other sleeping stars.

It’s time for us to see the truth in each and every heart right now.

We need to release our judgments about those around us. No matter what spiritual path someone follows, no matter what type of job they have or music they listen to, they are a star, sleeping, yet still brightly lit, waiting to be recognized.

It’s time to sing the soul back home…

When we recognize the beauty in another, see the star within them, we help them to awaken to their true self. We help them to take that first step on their journey home.

The journey starts right here, right now. We don’t need to do anything but get started. We don’t need a special job, more education or more money. Our journey has started in this moment of awakening.

There’s something I must tell you now…
You are the light, so shine it now…


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