At the beginning of time, when everyone lived on this side of the sky, a great magician became very curious and cut a hole in the sky and climbed to the other side. He found the other side to be much more to his liking, so he returned for his wife and brought her to the other side so he would not be lonely.

However his wife grew lonely and she desperately missed her friends and family. And she missed the light of the sun, the stars and the moon. The great magician, not wishing to hear her constant lamenting, traveled back to this side of the sky and quickly placed the sun, moon and stars into three bags. He returned to his home and presented them as gifts to his wife. In this light she found comfort and peace.

Back on this side of the sky the people grew cold and sickly from lack of light. They called upon Raven to save them. Raven heard their story, and knew that he must return the sun, moon and stars to their rightful place in the sky.

He traveled until he found the hole in the sky that the magician had cut.  Raven went through to the other side and found the magician’s home.  He also found the sun, moon and stars, but the magician would only take them out of their bags when he felt like it, and the magician was much too powerful and clever to ever let Raven into to steal them.

So Raven devised a plan. He followed the magician’s daughter, a beautiful young maiden, to the stream. He turned himself into a very small black feather, and when she was gathering water he slipped in to her water pot without her ever noticing. She then drank of the water and swallowed the feather. Once Raven was inside of her, he turned himself into a human fetus, and she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

The great magician, now a proud and doting grandfather, gave the baby anything he wished. When the child cried for the moon, the grandfather gave it to him. When the child cried for the stars, the grandfather gave them to him. When the child cried for the sun, the grandfather gave it to him. Now Raven resumed his original form, and brought the moon, stars and sun back to where they belonged.

Some say the great magician and his family returned to this side of the sky with no hard feelings. But every once in a while the sun will disappear and then Raven will have to go and steal it back!


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